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With over 20 years of professional experience in everything from startups to technology consulting, Zaxyn has the connections to help your project succeed. Whether you're doing a new app, website, or product launch our professional network can help get the right people to help ensure it's fully successful.

As you can see in this graph, Zaxyn has connections in a variety of industries, so the right team member to help you thrive is only a few clicks away!

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At Zaxyn, I'm not interested in managing every aspect of your technology forever. It's all about empowering you to manage your own needs, but at the same time staying available to help with new trends, questions, and cutting edge technology.

As BASF says "We don't make the products you use, we make them better". That's what Zaxyn is all about. Helping you get the most out of your technology.

From iPads to websites, and social networks to computer networks, with nearly two decades of high-tech experience, there's nothing we have haven't seen or heard of.

Professional Information Technology Systems Specialist:

Professional Information Technology Systems Specialist: Expert in the installation, configuration, troubleshooting of desktop and server systems, various Windows based software applications, including all MS Windows Professional and Server operating systems (XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, SQL server) as well as many varieties of Linux and Unix. Familiar with the configuration and troubleshooting Mac OS 10.

Cartography and Geographic Information Systems: Proficient in use of many cartographic and GIS tools including Avenza Products, Global Mapper, and Google Earth. Published custom mapping products of for the OHV industry as well as custom GPS Data cards for use in Garmin and other GPS devices.

Software Systems Proficiency: Expert knowledge of all common desktop and server security suites, including McAfee and Symantec products and open source solutions such as Snort. Advanced skills in malware/spyware remediation and prevention. Able to quickly learn and excel in with any type of client or server application.

Network Administrator/Engineer: Expert in LAN/WAN design, configuration, and implementation including: operations planning and design; moving, adding, and reconfiguring nodes; fault prediction, troubleshooting and repairing; traffic measurement; circuit analysis and testing. Expert in all TCP/IP protocols such as UDP, TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, ARP, RIP, FTP, FTPS, SSH, and SCP.

Internet Application Engineer: Develop, create, and modify internet applications using cutting edge technology. Analyze user needs and develop appropriate web-based solutions. Design and customize software for client use with the aim of optimizing operational efficiency.

Management and Supervisory: Regularly consulted by technicians and management for advanced level technical guidance and advice. Supervise the development and provide mentorship to 15 aircrew flight equipment technicians for the USAF Reserves.


I’ve been a technology enthusiast for my entire life. From the time I took apart my brothers stereo to see how it works, I knew my passion was technology. I honed my technology skills working as a Computer Support Specialist and System Administrator for the US Air Force for over 10 years. Also during that time I ran a successful technology consulting company where I became a very accomplished web designer and developer.

For me, technology is not just a career, it’s a lifestyle. I’m always on the cutting edge, finding new and innovative ways to solve complex problems facing businesses in the 21st century. Unlike large technology consulting companies, my loyalty lies solely with the client. I find the BEST solution to the problem, without association to any specific vendor or technology. My passion for technology and ability to effectively communicate with clients provides an advantage that’s impossible to match.

I'm amazed at how many people aren't sure how effective their website is.

Whether you have a nice, shiney, new web 2.0 website or if you're sticking with your tried and true basic design, statistics are they to knowing how effective it is. Are your marketing dollars working well? Who's referring visitors to your site? How many visitors are you getting and are they staying on the site? For how long?

These and many more questions are easily answered with a Site Stats Analysis, one of our key services at Zaxyn. The pre-requisite though is Google Analytics, the free website stats program from Google. It literally takes minutes to install (on a modern website), and gathers every tiny bit of information about how your site is performing. This data can then be analyzed so you can make informed decisions about your marketing, business approach, and more!

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Search Engine Optimization is definitely much more of an art than a science. Is it worth thousands per month for "Guaranteed results" Usually not....

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  • Website Development & Design including Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Cartography, mapping, and GIS Services
  • Publications and Printing
  • Technology Consulting & System Desgin, Analysis, and Integration
  • Interactive Social Marketing Training



Dedicated to helping you succeed

As a true lover of technology, my years of experience and constant desire to improve process define my goals as a consultant.

You're great at your business. Whether it's creating amazing vehicle modifications, writing guide books, selling real estate, or serving society as a medical professional.

When it comes to technology - it IS my world. I spend every day working, learning, and applying technology. I become truly invested in each of my projects, and that passion shows through every time.

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Over 20 years of tech-love

Shane Williams (aka Zaxyn Media) has been a technology enthusiast for over 20 years, and brings that love of all things tech together to help solve your problems.

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Technology is moving faster today than ever before. Zaxyn can help you stay ahead of your competitors while maintaining your budget.

Do you still pay a website company to accomplish simple updates on your website? Zaxyn can help!

Are you bewildered by the social media craze? Zaxyn can help!

Confused about how to integrate the latest tech into your business? Zaxyn can help!

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